C4D Single Letter Detail Progress

I’ve dramatically improved the detail of the shattering on all the letters. Here is a screenshot: (Click for full size)

Not really news but had to be up. Note it’s completely unedited. You can notice some overlapping and clipping but that doesn’t really matter as the final is going to have a distance and it is going to be a millionaire because it is my only child and I believe in him I see the light and I hope, I sure hope he can make it in such a world, I am nearly blinded from a sudden wave of dis-optimism. I shouldn’t hear to Tchaikovsky so often; makes my type crazy gay things. Hope I listen to trance or something when writing the script. On a serious note I am going to reduce the contrast of the ambient occlusion and then re edit the materials for a more “dusty” land “post nuclear” look. I am going to upload a photo later on with my paper boats. They are sweet. Also I think I succeeded giving the letters a more random look.


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