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Gantz 3D Room

September 12, 2010

Hey you guys long time no see. (without the long time HA!)

Okay this is the room from the anime called Gantz.

Click to see Full-size

Gantz Room 3D

Took 2 to 4 hours.


Mod progress

December 28, 2009

So the Cinema4D audi goes well. Will post screenshots in a few days. So here is the progress sso far on the first map of my mod. ZABAZABA. Pretty crappy quality because I took the screenshots on my laptop ;). Really studied Half-Life’s 2 Episode 2 Maps. Rock displacement was haard. But the result is really satisfying. The thing is that for start I really tried to mimic Episode’s 2 rock so the result looks somehow the same :/ (But I am still pleased 😦 )
(Click for MEGA size)

it’s okay, everything’s okay and if not don’t worry it will be

Audi A5 Detail Progress

December 12, 2009

Yeah I am adding detail on the unfinished car. I am STOOPEED. So here are pictures!!! (Click for full size)

Also I did a Garry’s Mod pose and edit today.