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[TUTORIAL] Linear Workflow in C4D the CORRECT way

August 11, 2010

So I’ve been seeing a lot of cats out thereĀ  lately rendering in linear workflow in Cinema 4D the WRONG way. It’s depressing because a lot of these cats are supposed to be clever ones. So here it is, the guide you waited all your life. Linear Workflow in Cinema 4D the CORRECT way!

Here’s a rendered picture of an apartment scene preset in Cinema 4D.

Gamma of this bad boy is set to 1.0

Now, this is how the foolish cats are doing this.

Loot at that! Preposterous! Ridiculous! So let us review what they did.

They enabled Colour Correction and set the gamma at 2.2. Haha how foolish of them. So what these cats did not know is that Colour Correction is a post effect(!). Meaning that it takes place after the final render. Again meaning that it just brightens up the picture losing all the detail.

So here’s the clever cat’s way.

Whoa! Look at that! Nice! No detail loss, no over exposure, nothing bad at all!

So let us review what we did. We went to Render Settings and set the Global Illumination gamma to 2.2. And boom! Nice results.

So I hope you enjoyed as much as me(not really!) this guide.

See you at the next NHX tutorial.